Homemade cold remedies

Discover natural homemade cold remedies that can provide quick relief from symptoms. Try these easy and effective remedies to alleviate congestion and boost your immune system.
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Over the past few years, I have learnt several tricks for how to fight off a cold. These help to prevent it from hitting with full force and help me to get over it quickly. I still feel as though I am getting a cold several times a year, but thanks to these tricks, the ...

Linda Baker
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NOTE: This article is about how to make an easy decongestant that really works! It’s a super simple recipe that uses common kitchen spices to fight congestion, stuffy noses, post nasal drip, and may ease difficult breathing by supporting the lungs. You can get rid of a stuffy nose and congestion nat

Makayla Espinoza
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It's that time of year--cold and flu season--and we're all interested in staying healthy. But when you do get a cold, it's good to know that there are delicious homemade drinks to fight colds {and also taste so good you'll want to fake it!}.

Beth Meadows