History of islam

Discover the fascinating history of Islam and its profound impact on cultures around the world. Uncover the origins, beliefs, and influential figures that have shaped the Islamic faith.
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At a glance the chart illustrates the heritage of the Prophets. It takes the reader on a journey to discover the descendants of Prophet Aadam and the ancestors of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). The reader can virtually immerse themselves in the Timeline and experience the significant historical events which spans over 4000 years.

10 Blessed Days And Events In Islamic Calender #islamic Ramadan, Quran, Islamic Calendar, Allah Islam, Islamic Information, Islamic Teachings, Islam Muslim, Islamic Messages, Islamic Quotes Quran

Every religion has some specific occasions, which have special value and importance in the lives of its followers, like Christians celebrate Christmas and observe Easter, Hindus rejoice Diwali and Holi. Recognizing and taking part in these events enhance one`s knowledge and implication of its religious ideologies and conviction. The Islamic Calendar also contains numerous days […]