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Find effective solutions to alleviate hip problems and improve your mobility. Discover tips, exercises, and treatments to help you maintain a healthy and pain-free hip.
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If you have lateral hip pain you can start to help yourself by not crossing your legs while sitting, standing equally on both legs, avoiding sleeping on the painful hip, stopping hip stretches and by modifying your activity until you see your physiotherapist for more advice specific to you!

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In my last article I revealed that hip instability is the common source of many problems and sub-par performances. Now, I'm going to share the five steps to fix your hips. Back Pain, Hip Mobility, Hip Flexor, Tight Hip Flexors, Hip Pain, Hip Problems, Mobility Exercises, Core Muscles, Glute Training

We need stability in much the same way that we need air. We need to supply oxygen in the right amounts, at the right times, and according to the demand. It’s a simple supply-demand relationship and the same goes for stability. For years, the core muscles (read: abs) have been the focus of stability training and with good...

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By Yana Blinova, MS, Inventor of Pelvic Clock® Exercise Device, Former Olympic CoachThere are two piriformis muscles in the human body: one on the right side, one on the left. Each piriformis muscle extends from the front of the sacrum to the hip - the greater trochanter of the femur, to be more precise.A disorder of this muscle is called piriformis syndrome. The main symptom is pain radiating from the hip and buttock down into the leg…

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