Henna ink

Discover the beauty of henna ink with these stunning and vibrant designs. Get inspired and find the perfect henna ink design for your next special occasion.
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Henna (or Mehndi, in Hindi) is a body art practice of applying a paste made of dried henna leaves to the skin. This originated from the practices of various African, Egyptian, Indian and, Middle Eastern cultures that held several meanings…

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So you want to be a henna artist, eh? That's really exciting! Working in this field offers plenty of opportunity for personal fulfillment - creatively, emotionally, financially, and otherwise - but it also requires that you take some precautions to protect yourself and your busi

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The art of drawing henna (or Mehendi) is already many hundreds of years, but until recently remained popular only in the east, and especially in India, where women paint the patterns of their body before each holiday. In the West, Biobiotics are popular mainly among people who would like to make a normal tattoo, but …

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