Gymnastics routines

Elevate your gymnastics training with these creative routines. Explore top ideas for floor exercises, balance beam routines, and more to enhance your skills and impress the judges.

The synchronization in this performance is incredible! As soon as Spain’s rhythmic gymnastics team starts throwing around balls, this routine is taken right to the next level. When Spain’s rhythmic gymnastics team took the stage at London’s OG Qualifications, we never expected to see them do a routine quite like this. Together, these five women

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Rhythmic gymnastics is a type of gymnastics where an individual or a group performs a routine that is set to a particular music. It can include dancing, acrobatics, and apparatuses. The props that could be featured in a routine are balls, ribbons, hoops, and clubs. Rhythmic gymnastics requires a whole lot of flexibility, strength, and

These Gymnasts' Baby Shark Ab Routine Is So Impressive, I'm Sore Just Watching It Abs, Muscles, Yoga, Squat Challenge, Fitness, Popsugar, Gym, Gymnastics Routines, Gymnastics Training

The "Baby Shark" song is one of those catchy kids tunes that'll get stuck in your head and isn't easily forgotten. So you might as well have a little fun with it! That's how the Baby Shark Challenge came to be, and the Women's squad of England's Retford Gymnastic Club took things one step further wi ...

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