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Gut brain

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Meat-Based Nutrition Supports Gut Health and the Building Blocks to Support Proper Neurotransmitter

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers in the nervous system and they have a vital role on our mood and behavior. 🧠Neurotransmitters are produced in the brain and in the gut (and other places,...

Did You Know That You Have 3 Brains?

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Guts and Glory - My Experience in Kicking Insomnia Through My Gut

I sat up and started paying attention to the subject of gut health about a year or so ago when I went trying to understand my ongoing insomnia and foggy brain. Like unwelcome houseguests, they'd been visiting me with increasing regularity and I'd begun to just accept these as normal byproducts of stress-peppered modern life.

Gut-Brain Axis and Probiotics | Probiotics Learning Lab

The Gut-Brain Axis is a fascinating new area of study. Find out what it is, how it works and why probiotics might play a part in maintaining mental health.

Exploring the Link Between Gut and Brain Health

Scientists continue to find evidence that the brain and gastrointestinal tract are closely linked—and that keeping one healthy will benefit the other.

Signs of Gut-Brain Imbalance: What You need to Know - Part 1 - Today's Practitioner

A growing body of research indicates that the gut-brain axis plays a significant role in mental health. Gain insight into this intricate interplay between the gut and brain, and how an altered gut microbiome can affect both digestive function as well as our mental and emotional state.

The 3 Ingredients Colon Cleanse This Will Flush 30 Pounds Of Toxins From Your Body In 3 Days A certain way to keep diseases away is to take full care of your body, and your insides, including cleaning...

The 3 Ingredients Colon Cleanse This Will Flush 30 Pounds Of Toxins From Your Body In 3 Days A certain way to keep diseases away is to take full care of your body, and your insides, including cleaning...

Our Gut-Brain Axis: Intro to the Vagus Nerve | Moodbeli

Our parasympathetic nervous system oversees the body's resting functions like digestion, immunity, and mood. It's mainly composed of the vagus nerve, the longest cranial nerve, running from the brainstem, branching through the body, and rooted to our gut and major organs.The bi-directional communication that happens between our gut microbiome and our brain flows through the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is being studied for its role in regulating hormones, the release of oxytocin, anxiety…

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Most impulsive and aggressive enneagram tritypes?

I'm thinking between 684 and 873, 873 is almost certainly 8w7 which is the more aggressive variant of 8. Plus the ruthless 3, 873 certainly doesn't mind...

Avoid these foods if you have high cholesterol.. #highcholesterol #highcholesterolfoodstoavoid #highcholesterolfoods #highcholesteroldiet #highcholesterolrecipes #highcholesterolsymptoms #health

Avoid these foods if you have high cholesterol.. #highcholesterol #highcholesterolfoodstoavoid #highcholesterolfoods #highcholesteroldiet #highcholesterolrecipes #highcholesterolsymptoms #health

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Gut Symptom After Being Sick - Watch out for these Are you suffering from Gut Symtoms after having a flu or cold? 🤧Watch this! Although certain foods makes your brain happy when you’re sick, have your gut in mind! If you would like more information, comment “sugar” below and I’ll send you my ‘Polyols and Health Guide’ for free!🤗
And there comes that saying again, “There is not enough sweetness in your life”. This recipe today comes in two parts….. I know right. I ask politely to read on as I write this weekly kitchen letter to you. And if you're new to my online world my work is not just all about the recipe, the ingredients and the food. My work is about the three brains — The Head, The Heart and The-Gut-Brain.
We all know the saying “trust your gut,” but what does that actually mean? Why is the gut such a large part of intuition? Where does intuition come from? Can we really trust it? In this episode, we explore where where intuition is in our body, how our gut feelings are formed, when we may not be able to trust our gut feelings, and what you can do to get more in touch with your inner knowing.
Gut health is the foundation for optimal wellness, including hormone & brain health. Bloating is a sure sign that your digestion needs attention. Before you jump into a one-size-fits-all bloating remedy or leaky gut diet, learn why your gut is out of balance and how to truly fix it.