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Start your guitar journey with easy tutorials for beginners. Learn chords, strumming patterns, and popular songs to play on the guitar. Take your first step towards becoming a skilled guitarist.
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Downloadable Chord Chart for beginner guitar players to use a reference sheet when practicing and learning their first open chords! Now, you don’t have to learn all of these chords at once. Instead, use this page as a resource that you come back to each time when you need to add a new chord to your vocabulary. Have fun with these chords and try to get them under your fingers by playing songs that include them! Digital Download Featuring 21 Open Chords.

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Here is an easy to read and easy to play guitar sheet of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in guitar tab. It’s been designed in Adobe Illustrator for a custom look and easy to read for young beginners. Ideal to use as teaching material. Related: This sheet is included in this premium PDF ebook: First Guitar […]

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