Greys anatomy season 7

Experience the emotional rollercoaster of Grey's Anatomy Season 7 as the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial face personal and professional challenges. Get ready for shocking twists and unforgettable moments that will leave you wanting more.
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The sixth season of Grey's Anatomy premiered September 24, 2009 and ended May 20, 2010. It was broadcast on Thursday nights at 9 PM on ABC. The season consists of 24 episodes, both starting and ending with two-part episodes. Expect more competition, more doctors, and much more drama as Seattle Grace merges with a competing hospital. Meredith, Derek, Izzie, and the rest of the doctors face a brand new challenge with the arrival of doctors from Mercy West. Battle lines are drawn and rivalries…

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Surgeons can't be lazy, the risks are too great. The second we stop pushing ourselves, something terrible happens. Something we never see coming. So we may not always be winners. But we're not lazy. We take chances. We go for broke. We swing for the fences. And sometimes, yeah, we strike out. But sometimes, ya get a home run.Meredith Grey Put Me In, Coach is the seventh episode of the eighth season and the 155th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy. Owen stresses teamwork and moves his…

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