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Explore the world of gorgeous cats with stunning photos and learn about different breeds. Find your new feline companion and add beauty to your home.
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Pharaoh cats were developed in Australia by crossing two existing breeds, Highland Lynx and Maine coon. The foundation Maine coon line, Altai Maine coon, was an Australian accepted developmental breed. Altai Maine coon cats carry a rare dominant blue eye mutation originating from Europe, that can produce blue eyes in cats with any coat colour.

Juliette Jarotzky
Monty the cat may be the sweetest kitty on the planet. Still, it wasn't until he was three years old that he finally got adopted. There was something a little bit... unusual... about him. #adoptdontshop #animalrescue #pets #cats #feelgood via @madlyoddcom Funny Animals, Dog Cat, Funny Cats And Dogs, Cuddly Animals, Cat Fails, Pets Cats, Cat Lovers, Cats And Dogs Together, Dog Sleeping

Cats are grace, elegance, and good looks incarnate. They spend most of their time getting their beauty sleep, and when they are awake, they're often busy attending to their fur, making sure everything is just so. When a cat fails at gracefulness or its good looks are compromised, the mortification is written all over the