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The Abominable Snowman is a monster from Alaska who appeared in the thirty-eighth Goosebumps book, The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena. Jordan and Nicole accompany their father to Alaska in order to get photographs of the Abominable Snowman after it was sighted there. When Jordan and Nicole fall into a cave, they find the Abominable Snowman frozen in ice. The giant ice block breaks open, exposing a very alive Abominable Snowman, a big ape like creature with long sharp claws and scary…

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Goosebumps Movie Where's The Creature? Viral Game Illustration - Online game to promote the release of Goosebumps staring Jack Black, 2015 American comedy horror fantasy film directed by Rob Letterman and written by Mike White and Darren Lemke. It is based on the children's book series of the same name by R. L. Stine. Rod created a hightly detailed high school Halloween dance scene that contains the residents of the town, the kids who attend the high school and their teachers, with…

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NOTE: This article is about the version from the book and TV series. The incarnation from the 2015 and 2018 films can be found here: Slappy the Dummy (2015 film). and you can find the 2023 show version here: Slappy the Dummy (2023) Slappy the Dummy is the main antagonist of the Goosebumps franchise created by R.L. Stine. He is considered one of the most popular and most evil creatures in the series, as well as being the key factor to the success of one of the series' most popular story arcs…

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