God of Wars

Embark on an epic journey as you become the God of Wars. Immerse yourself in the action-packed gameplay and unleash devastating powers to vanquish your enemies. Experience the ultimate battle of gods and mortals in this thrilling adventure.
Pin by Kyudery on \_GaMeS_/ | God of war, Kratos god of war, War

Pin by Kyudery on \_GaMeS_/ | God of war, Kratos god of war, War

The Most Charismatic Character Ever.. Kratos rock!! World Of Warcraft, English, Fifa, War, God Of War Game, God Of Wars, God Of War, War Film, War Image

God of War II is a hack-and-slash action-adventure video game and the sequel to the God of War video game for the PlayStation 2. It was released in North America on March 13, 2007, in Europe on April 27, and on May 3, 2007, in Australia. This game follows the Spartan warrior and a former demigod, Kratos, the new God of War after defeating Ares in the first game, was tricked and betrayed by Zeus, the King of the Gods, who stripped Kratos from his godhood and kills him. But after being saved…

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This article contains lore based on real-life sources from Norse Mythology as introduced from the God of War Norse Era. Kratos (Greek: Κράτος), also known as Fárbauti (Nordic: ᚠᚨᚱᛒᚨᚢᛏᛁ), the God of War/Stríðsguð (Nordic: ᛊᛏᚱᛁᚦᛊᚷᚢᛞ) and the God of Hope is the titular character and the main protagonist of the God of War franchise. Once the brutal captain of the Spartan Army, Kratos led his men throughout numerous conquests all across the lands of Greece, eventually coming across a savage…

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Ever since the first God of War, I fell in love with Kratos' design and the 2018 reboot definitely blew me away! I've been working on this tribute illustration in my spare time from work and I had so much fun creating my version of Kratos! I represented him without the upper armor on purpose, just to express the spartan rage in its total essence and the troll is inspired by the ice/rock one from the game but mostly reinvented. So, I really hope you like it! For more check my Insta (I'm more…

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