Glue dots

Discover creative ways to use glue dots for all your crafting and DIY projects. Stick it, secure it, and create amazing crafts with the help of glue dots.
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Top Tip Tuesday – What can I use Glue Dots For? I have been asked to show you how I set up my Glue Dots, so today’s video will certainly show you that, but I have also shared a number of uses for Glue Dots. I think these are one of the most versatile adhesives ... Read More about Top Tip Tuesday – What can I use Glue Dots For?

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About this item High viscosity: The glue dots are genuinely sticky, attach nicely, and may be gently removed without leaving a trace. Convenient to Use: It is extremely simple to fix balloons since you don't need to wait a long time for the glue to cure. Simply position the glue point dots where you want them and peel off the protective film. High Quality: Premium solid gum is used to make these craft glue points. Clear and quite sticky, it offers exceptional performance. Each glue point has…

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