Glasses for oval faces

Discover a wide range of stylish glasses that are perfect for oval faces. Find the perfect fit that enhances your features and adds a touch of sophistication to your look.
How to pick the perfect pair of glasses

4 MINUTE READ Last week I sat on my specs. Not for the first time, but this time they’re a goner. The legs are splayed so wide that they would only fit a supersize face - Harvey Weinstein’s, for example, but fortunately, he’s not lurking about anywhere in the vicinity,

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Sunglasses are more than a major summer accessory — they can be the best protection for our eyes from harmful radiation, reduce fatigue, and add harmony to our overall look. That is, of course, if we choose the right type that suits our faces. Sunglasses can also help disguise your face so no one can recognize you, just like they do for Superman.We obviously can buy any sunglasses we want, even if they don’t “fit” our face shape. This article will serve as a guide if you are looking to buy…

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