Gladiator helmet

Immerse yourself in the world of ancient Rome with our collection of unique and authentic gladiator helmets. Explore the top designs and find the perfect piece to showcase your love for history and craftsmanship.
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Ancient Greek Corinthian war helmet with long crest. The Corinthian style helmet appeared at the end of the 8th c. BC. and remain in use until the Classical period. The way it is set up is handmade. Sculpture of the model, creating a mold and casting of a bronze powder, polyester resin, fiberglass and patina for completion. This helmet is part of the author's collection Bird Art Studio Bulgaria and is inspired by artifacts and part of ancient history. We do not create copies of antiquity, we…

Veera Paavilainen
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IMPORTANT TO READ: We don't have premade masks. We have one mold per mask model.Construction time is about 1- 2 weeks, but may vary depending on the number of orders currently in our construction queue. Please feel free to contact me about the current wait time. We do not create copies of antiquity, we interpret ancient artifacts and create art. In the modern world the heroism and epic deeds of the ancient heroes fill us with strength, pride, mysticism, and attract our interest thanks to…

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