Gem crafts

Explore a collection of unique and creative gem crafts that will inspire your inner DIY enthusiast. Discover how to create stunning jewelry, home decor, and more using beautiful gemstones.
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Get inspired with these 15 beautiful inspirations to bring dollar store gems in your home. budget decor | dollar store | dollar store gems | gems | diy upcycles | diy | projects | gemmed projects | crystals | stones | stones crafts | gem crafts | diy home decor | home updates

Bake dollar store floral stones to make beautiful "gems" for crafting. Diy, Fimo, Jewellery Making, Diy Crafts, Mosaic Glass, Gem Crafts, Diy Projects To Try, Craft Projects, Jewelry Making

This project is a family favorite. My kids *love* to “crack” glass stones with me. They don’t even make anything with them most of the time, they just enjoy watching the glass crack and then admiring their handiwork. I like to paint the stones, glitter them, set them in bezels, make magnets, and all kinds […]

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