Futurist painting

Step into the future with mesmerizing futurist paintings. Discover captivating artworks that embrace movement, technology, and the dynamism of modern life.
Ugo Gianattasio (1888-1958), untitled, 1920

Here is another selection of Italian Futurist / Aeropittura paintings. Tullio Crali (1910-2000), Bombardamento Aereo , 1932, oil on board, ...

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Curvilinear cubist futurist – ‘The Strength of the Curve’ – Tullio Crali  1930 Art Deco, Dynamic Painting, Italian Painters, Artist, Cubist, Futurist Painting, Artwork, Italian Futurism, Art Movement

Italian Futurism revolution 'Speeding Train', Ivo Pannaggi, 1922. 'Marcia su Roma' - C.Cagli - Rometti Italia 1932 'Il-Calciatore' - D.Baldelli, Rometti 1934 'The Knife Grinder' - (Principle of Glittering) by Kazimir Malevich Russian Cubo Futurism, 1913 When Aristarkh Lentulov returned from Paris in 1913 and exhibited his works in Moscow, the Russian Futurist painters adopted the forms of Cubism and combined them with the Italian Futurists' representation of movement. 'Aeropittura'---Fillia…

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Speed of a Motorcycle. 1913. Giacomo Balla Futurist Painting, Giacomo Balla, Italian Futurism, Dynamic Movement, Futurism Art, Moving Images, A Level Art, Italian Art, Art Moderne

Giacomo Balla "Speed of a Motorcycle", 1913 Oil on Canvas Wiki: "Born in Turin, in the Piedmont region of Italy, the son of an industrial chemist, as a child Giacomo Balla studied music. By age twenty his interest in art was such that he decided to study painting at local academies and exhibited several of his early works. Following academic studies at the University of Turin, Balla moved to Rome in 1895 where he met and married Elisa Marcucci. For several years he worked in Rome as an…

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zombienormal:  Luigi Russolo (Italian, 1885-1947), Solidity of Fog, 1912. Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice, Italy. Via. Guggenheim Museum New York, Futurist Painting, Italian Futurism, Art Of Noise, Futurism Art, Peggy Guggenheim, Guggenheim Museum, Bullet Journal Themes, Art Movement

Oil on canvas; 100 x 65 cm. Russolo was born into a musical family, but decided to become a painter upon moving to Milan at the age of sixteen. He first exhibited a group of etchings in 1909 at the Famiglia Artistica, where he met Boccioni and Carrà. Together they persuaded Marinetti of the potential for Futurist painting. Despite this early involvement Russolo painted few works as a Futurist. His principal involvement was as a musician, calling for the integration of unconventional sounds…

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