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From the comical mishap of walking straight into a seemingly invisible glass door to the downright perplexing experience of momentarily forgetting the very word 'door' when attempting to recount the incident to a friend, it's an undeniable truth that each of us encounters moments of sheer human fallibility.

Rizzy Dizzy Lorad Farquaad
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Whether we're talking about images that only get weirder the longer we look or pics that just don’t make any sense, people seem obsessed with deciphering the perplexities they stumble upon online. After all, the fact that the internet is a weird place is nothing new. Sometimes, it even looks like a bottomless pit of random and bizarre things that leave us scratching our heads from confusion. But at least it makes us all glue our eyes to the screens!

Emily Häuser
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If you think you’ve ‘seen it all,’ dear Pandas, think again. Some of you internet veterans out there might believe that there’s nothing on social media that can confuse you anymore… and so did we. But Instagram accounts like @junkmanbaby really knock us out of our comfort zones—actually, we’re so far out now that we can’t find our way back. Please, send help!

bonnie butler
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Memes are a universal language of the internet. Not only do we share them to laugh, but also to communicate, criticize, and reflect on the current trends. Essentially, they speak of, or rather make a meme of what’s really buzzing right now: think of 2020 and 2021 memes, Squid Game memes, and Mike Pence’s fly on the head memes.

david nakale