Funny diy costumes

Get ready to make everyone laugh with these funny DIY costume ideas. Discover creative and easy-to-make outfits that will guarantee a memorable Halloween night.
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Last year we shared 15 Creative Halloween Costumes and we found some more favorites for this year! You can also click here to see costume ideas from 2021! Here we go: The Wal-mart greeters from Katie Pugmire on Pinterest Couples Operation Costume at C.R.A.F.T. Costco Samples Guy! from Delish Bubble Gum Machine from Cute Girl Hairstyles How about dressing up as Chip and Jo? -from Tabitha DuMont on Instagram Needle and Thread at Happy Mothering Black Eyed Peas at the Thinking Closet Pillsbury…

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Last Halloween, my friends and I decided to try something different. We all agreed on making our costumes based on puns. It was a fun challenge that made us think creatively and laugh a lot. I chose to be 'Social Butterfly,' wearing a butterfly costume with social media logos on my wings. It was a hit! Searching for the right pun and putting the costume together was much simpler than I expected. During the process, I learned a lot about making a memorable Halloween costume without spending…

Jess Bien
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Halloween often has us believing that our eyes are playing tricks on us, but this special breed of costume will definitely have you taking a second look! No, it's not the black magic of Halloween - these abnormally-amazing costumes use the magic of creativity to deliver the spellbinding effects of illusion.

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Whether you were just being lazy, didn't have plans until last minute or were just too busy to get a costume ahead of time, Inventor Spot's list of 15 easy last minute costumes can really help you put something together, many of them requiring nothing more than stuff you probably have around the house already. I'm a pretty big fan of this cactus costume, that requires nothing more than straws and a green sweat suit, but the umbrella bat is a pretty impressive costume for being made of things…

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