Discover heartfelt funeral ideas to create a meaningful tribute and honor your loved ones. Find inspiration to celebrate their life and provide comfort to family and friends.
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Casket sprays are a tribute to your loved one and many times include the deceased favorite flowers, colors, or interest. This first spray was for a cowboy and the flowers were made on his saddle. The Cowboy rode away in the fall of the year and the family ask me to create a tribute to their dad and pop that would honor him and his interest. This was another spray for a very sweet lady. The family ask for an elegant fall mixed spray with sunflowers. A red and white mixed spray with roses…

Vanessa McMullins
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At Lola's funeral/burial... Her final resting spot was by Lolo (and Melanie). This was around the Cherokee Memorial Park in Lodi, CA. We love you, Lola... Rest in paradise <3 A part of us wishes you were still here, but we know you are happy and reunited with Lolo and Melanie up above with no more pain and suffering... I will surely miss her presence when it comes to family gatherings such as summer camps, parties, and even Thanksgiving & Christmas gatherings. Her funeral/memorial service…

Lena Mills
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When we were asked by PHS in the early summer of 2018 to enter the Small Garden design competition of the 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show, we were not entirely sure what we were getting into, but knew that it was an opportunity we could not pass up. It wasn’t just that The Woodlands was being asked t


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