Fruit wine recipes

Discover a variety of fruit wine recipes to enjoy at your next gathering. From refreshing summer blends to cozy winter flavors, find the perfect recipe to impress your guests.
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While the Caribbean is mostly known for its Rum, other adult beverages that local Caribbean people have been making for generations, one such beverage is fruit wine, a fermented drink made from ripe fruits, local cane sugar, and spices. Guava Wine, in particular, is often served at Christmas on some Caribbean islands. However, with such an abundance of fruits and different growing seasons, fruit wines can be found at any time of the year. This recipe is a great way to experience another side…

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Country wines. The name evokes a cottage in a peaceful countryside, set amid fields of lush vegetation, with birds and bees blissfully coasting on the late-summer breeze. Imagine hearing someone in the distance humming contentedly. (Music lovers can imagine the Peer Gynt Suite by Edvard Grieg.) The scene slowly comes into focus as someone with a broad smile carefully bottles and corks a special elixir. Surely it must be a wine made from the bounty of the land. In the wine world, if you ask a…

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