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Discover creative and practical ways to use freezer paper in your everyday life. From crafting to cooking, explore ideas that will inspire you to make the most of this versatile material.
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Freezer paper has been a kitchen staple for generations. Crafters, quilters and hobby enthusiasts are already aware that freezer paper has many more uses. The manufacturer brags about the additional uses RIGHT ON THE BOX! Here are 3 crafty ways to use freezer paper- 1. FABRIC TRANSFERS 2. CRAFT TEMPLATES 3. IRON-ON TRANSFERS *Always remember that freezer paper has 2 distinct sides to it, a dull side and a shiny side. When a HOT iron is applied directly to the shiny side it melts in to a glue…

How to print on freezer paper with a laser or inkjet printer - Cucicucicoo Design, Diy, Freezer Paper Stenciling, Freezer Paper Transfers, Printing On Fabric, Freezer Paper Crafts, Printer, Screen Printing, Inkjet Printer

Are you freezer paper addicted? Yeah, I am too. I use freezer paper ALL the time to stencil on clothing, costumes and all other fabric items. It's a really simple way to paint designs onto fabric, even if you are far from being an artist. I really love how perfectly crisp and clean the lines

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