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Discover effective techniques and strategies for teaching foreign languages. Enhance your language teaching skills and create an engaging learning environment for your students.
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Throw away the workbooks! Pack away the textbooks! Teaching a foreign language to a young child requires you to think differently about what learning looks like! The most effective method of acquiring a foreign language is the same method as a child acquires their mother-tongue; through regular exposure to the language in their daily lives.

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It’s almost the end of the year, and so, many of us our making our New Year’s Resolutions and planning our language learning goals for the next year. For many, continuing to improve and grow in their target language is high on the list. For me, it certainly is. For those not currently studying with…

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These are all the differnet ways you can learn German. Reference: Street-Smart Language Learning™ (  Visit: for more info on how to learn German Language Learning Activities, Learning Languages Tips, Korean Language Learning, Language Resources, Language Learners, Foreign Language Teaching, Spanish Activities, Foreign Languages, Language Journal

The image you see here is a visualization (which is obviously not comprehensive) of how a given piece of information in a language might get lodged into your brain. The piece of information could be anything: a vocabulary word, a grammar rule, pronunciation, a character, etc. Every one of those lines emanating from the piece of information connects with one kind of exposure. The more exposures you get, the more connections your brain draws to that piece of information. The more repetitions…

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