Food costumes

Get ready to show off your love for food with these fun and creative food costumes. From pizza slices to taco shells, discover the perfect costume to make a delicious statement this Halloween.
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The theme this year for Halloween in my department at work was 'Emojis', so it was either poop or sushi. I opted for sushi because I was inspired by a cute DIY for babies online, and decided to put my own twist on it. Still one day left until Halloween so feel free to make your own sushi, s

Arwen Kulchak Froedge
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DIY food Halloween costumes seem to be some of the most popular ways to dress up for Halloween in something recognizable (dare I say, iconic!?) and easy-to-make. There’s so many options for people of all ages, and often these food costumes can be made with an item already in your closet and a few quick supplies …