Family reunion cakes

Make your family reunion extra special with delicious cakes that everyone will love. Explore top cake ideas to celebrate the joyous occasion with your loved ones.
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April 29th is such a fantastic day for so many reasons. Two of them happen to be that it was Aiden's birthday and it was also the day his family "officially" became complete. Seriously!! A wonderful day to celebrate! Erin and Kari (Aiden's mom) have been friends for like...EVER and she wanted to plan something nice for the celebration. She ordered cupcakes from me and forwarded a picture of cupcakes that were displayed in the shape of a tree. This was a gift she got for Aiden and I thought…

Shelley Moore
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I've got some news..... WE DON'T MILK OUR COWS! Actually that's not news...we have NEVER milked our cows. There have been a number of guests arrive at the farmhouse this summer and the first thing they want is a glass of cold raw milk.... I don't drink raw milk. I don't know where you can get raw far as I know it's illegal. Then I have to deal with all these disappointed faces....because there is no raw milk and no cows to milk. I honestly don't think a dairy farmer could run a…