Equine artwork

Explore a collection of stunning equine artwork that captures the beauty and grace of horses. Add a touch of elegance to your space and indulge your love for these majestic creatures.
Where in this wide world can man find nobility without pride, friendship without envy or beauty without vanity? Here, where grace is laced with muscle, and strength by gentleness confined. He serves without servility; he has fought without enmity. There is nothing so powerful, nothing less violent; there is nothing so quick, nothing more patient......All our history is his industry. We are his heirs, he our inheritance. Ladies and Gentlemen--the Horse!" - Ronald Duncan Spring Crafts, Diy Projects, Animals, Art, Horses, Pre School, Turtle, Preschool, Art And Hobby

Art knows no boundaries, believes in no limitations and has no definition beyond the appeal to senses. That is why, artists look for something to please the senses in whatever they create. Animals seem to have the quality in plenty and when you think about it, artists have turned to the natural beauty of animals and replicated them in many forms with the minutest details like canvas, paper, stone, metal, crystal and many more. One just has to look at some of the examples of hyper-realistic…

Victoria Douglass