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Discover the latest trends in emo goth fashion and express your unique dark style. Find inspiration for your wardrobe and create a captivating look that reflects your individuality.
From http://www.blackwaterfall.com All credit goes there...and please do visit! It's a fun site! Gothic Fashion, Punk, Gothic, Emo Style, Goth Girls, Grunge, Gothic Beauty, Horror, Goth Subculture

Traditional, Romantic, Cyber, Victorian, Medieval, Vampire, Geek, Gothabilly, Steampunk -- and a dozen more stereotypical variations explained at Blackwaterfall. Reposted from 2009 because I ran across this video of a Goth rave at a funeral... YouTube link. ... which naturally got me wondering about the gas masks. I found the best information at a Vice article entitled Why Cybergoth Refuses to Die: Too creepy for the ravers, too neon for the goths, cybergoths occupied a new space entirely…

J Beveri