Elk horns

Add a touch of rustic charm to your home with these unique elk horn decor ideas. Explore creative ways to incorporate these natural elements into your interior design for a truly distinctive look.
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Description I decided to draw all the different kinds of Antlers that roam North America ^_^. I know some people have a difficult time drawing a specific specie of deer And their unique antlers, So I made this for those who needed a basic reference. These side-profile view antlers are simple, but completely identifiable. ...And yes -_- I Did put our North American antelope horn in this tutorial too, even though it's not a deer. FUN FACT: The pronghorn is the only animal in the world with…

Nelly Lawerence
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Download free image of Elk skull drawing, wildlife print. Digitally enhanced from our own 1900 edition of The Great and Small Game of India, Burma, & Tibet by Richard Lydekker. about deer, antlers, skull, deer skull, and deer antlers 6198968

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