Elementary health lessons

Enhance your elementary students' health education with these engaging and interactive lessons. Discover top ideas to promote healthy habits and well-being in the classroom.
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It’s been a few years since I posted my first resource on mindfulness called Mindful Brains, Mindful Hearts. It was a culmination of all the Mindup, Bucket Filling, Brain-based and compassion ideas that I found so fascinating and effective with the children in my classroom. The children were SOO interested in learning about their brains […]

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Health is part of every aspect of our lives- dealing with coworkers, friends, students and family. Making nutritious choices. Working out (have you tried Pure Barre? It’s my newest obsession and is life-changing). Grappling with disease and change all around us. Our own daily roller coaster of feelings. These are skills and information that we ... Read More about How to teach health in the classroom