Egg candling

Learn how to egg candle and check the fertility and development of eggs. Discover the process, tools, and tips for successful egg candling to ensure healthy hatching.
How to candle dark shelled chicken eggs circle of olive green and dark brown Maran eggs on a rustic piece of wood Candling Chicken Eggs, Egg Candle, Candles Dark, Egg Candling, Storing Eggs, Olive Egger, Copper, Candle, Speckled Eggs

Learn how to candle dark shelled chicken eggs with this simple technique! Black Copper Maran and Olive Egger eggs have such dark shells they are impossible to see inside with a standard egg candling method. Here's how we figured out how to candle these beautiful dark shelled eggs when incubating chicken eggs and hatching baby chicks in the incubator.

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