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Experience the thrill of natural running with Earth Runners. Find the perfect pair of sandals that provide comfort, durability, and a connection to the earth. Start your journey to a more grounded and mindful running experience today.
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Overall Rating: 6.8/10 Introduction In an attempt to fortify his adventure flip flops, Founder Mike Dally came up with his first Earth Runners prototype using athletic tape from his hiking day pack. As his interest in trail running sandals grew, Mike learned about the Tarahumara, an indigenous people native to Copper Canyon in Mexico. The...

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If you are new to minimalist footwear, it can take some getting used to. Especially if you've been wearing supportive shoes your whole life, you may find that barefoot shoes are an extreme change. Who knew the ground was so hard?? ...

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The healthiest footwear choices are those that allow your feet to function like feet while offering the protection and security you need to partake in your activities of choice. Earth Runners combine the three most important factors of the healthiest footwear to offer a grounded minimalist adventure sandal that facilit

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