Duct tape

Discover the versatility of duct tape with these creative and practical ideas. From DIY projects to quick fixes, explore how duct tape can solve everyday problems.
Duct Tape Duct tape is the Swiss Army knife of sticky substances. The multiuse adhesive has the power to repair luggage, cover foot blisters, hide valuables (you can tape them under your bed), cover tent or sleeping-bag holes, adjust skirt hems, remove lint from clothes, and more. You can even use colored duct tape as a makeshift luggage strap. Get the kind printed with images of bacon from Amazon for $6.87 (at the time of publication) for the ultimate in suitcase identification. Duct Tape, Remove Duct Tape Residue, Remove Tape Residue, Remove Lint From Clothes, Remove Lint, Travel Tools, Luggage Strap, Bug Out Bag, Adhesive Glue

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