Duck waterer

Ensure easy water access for your ducks with these innovative duck waterer ideas. Discover practical and efficient solutions for keeping your ducks hydrated and happy.
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DIY Water Jug Chicken Feeders

Show me a chicken farmer who hasn't tried different feeders or waterers, and I will smack them hard on the head. In fact, just forward them links to some of the ones I have shared on this blog such as the diy trough style chicken feeder, diy chicken nipple waterer and diy plastic bucket chicken

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Own Happy Ducks Right Away- 7 Beginner Duck Care Mistakes to Avoid

When you get your first ducks, there are so many choices to make. It's easy to get overwhelmed and make mistakes. Make your duck experience easy and fun by avoiding these beginner duck keeping mistakes.

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Dale's Decked Out Oregon Chicken Coop | The Garden Coop

Dale sent us pictures of his amazing garden and chicken coop he built using The Garden Coop walk-in chicken coop plans. Among many other additions, he built the henhouse walls to the ground on three sides, attached attractive outboard nesting boxes, and added rectangular windows to the henhouse. The rest of the post is from ... Read more

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