Dog proof room ideas

Transform your home into a pet-friendly haven with these creative dog proof room ideas. Keep your furry friend safe and your space stylish with these practical and innovative solutions.
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Meanwhile, in the Land of Dog

I pinky swear that the renovation blog posts are almost over. I know that lately, I have sort of strayed from the original theme of this blog to bring you updates on our foreclosure-to-fantastic home renovation. I still have a few more small projects in the works, but starting with the next post, I will get back to covering projects I can only assume you thought you'd be reading about when you stumbled across my humble blog. In the projects! To recap, these are my dogs…

Azeri Eakins
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30+ Best Indoor Dog Kennel Ideas

Every family member deserves a room in every house that includes your four-legged pet. Give them a safe place to rest with these 39 best indoor dog kennel ideas that we gathered from the internet for your inspiration.

Linda Brooks