Dog meet

Discover the best ways to socialize your dog and make new furry friends with these fun and exciting dog meet ideas. Help your dog build confidence and develop better social skills by attending dog meet events.
Letting Dogs Meet: The Three Second Rule | Thriving Canine Dog Training, Dog Training Tips, Dog Cat, Pet Dogs, Dog Owners, Dog Lovers, Dog Friends, Dog Care, Dog Love

As a dog owner, I'm sure you have been in the situation where your dog had to meet another dog he didn't know. If you haven't yet, you will. Whether you're having a friend and their dog over for a BBQ or you happen to run across a new dog on a hike, there are some fundamental things you should do and be aware of to properly manage dog greetings. Remember, just because your dog may typically be happy-go-lucky, doesn't mean that all dogs are easy to get along with and it doesn't guarantee that…

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