Diy perfumes

Discover how to make your own unique and personalized perfumes with easy DIY techniques. Express your individuality and unleash your creativity by crafting your own signature scents at home.
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Want to learn how to make perfume with essential oils? Skip the synthetic fragrances which are full of yucky ingredients, and try one of these DIY essential oil perfume recipes. They smell absolutely beautiful, and are 100% natural using essential oils to create a unique perfume blend!

Becca Burke
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Ditch the chemical-laden perfumes! Create signature blends with all natural plant based ‘Perfume Oils’ (essential oils) to compliment your personal style. What is your personal style? What scent will you be remembered for? After all scent is associated with memories.

Isa Corail
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This solid perfume recipe is incredibly easy! The key to having a really performing solid perfume is to nail a good "viscosity": this is the ability of a product to glide on the skin smoothly, without feel draggy. The solid perfume should also melt easily when in contact with the skin, without being overly oily.

Ana Maria Arancibia