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Enhance your wellness routine with our collection of stylish diffuser jewelry. Experience the benefits of aromatherapy wherever you go and elevate your style with our fashionable designs.
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Learn how to make a simple and inexpensive essential oil diffuser necklace using air dry terra cotta clay and your favorite cord material. Decorate it with a rubber stamp and beads to make it look extra special while you enjoy wonderful aromatherapy benefits. This craft project is easy enough for kids to help out and makes a wonderful homemade gift all year long.

Dawn Howat
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Blog post updated 11/20/18 If you're a die-hard essential oil lover, then you can appreciate it when I say that I start to feel a little stressed when my oils are not within reach. I’ve got my favorites for dealing with stress, the perfect trio to help me sleep, a few custom blends that I use on my essential oil diffuser bracelet, and my go-to faves for an afternoon pick-me-up. There are a lot of very strong opinions on the

Kathy Bailey