Denim repair

Learn how to repair your denim jeans with these easy and effective DIY methods. Extend the life of your favorite jeans and save money by fixing them yourself.
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Well, this year has panned out totally different from our expectations, and to yours I'm sure. Here at ReJean we have taken time to reflect and reassess our goals for the year ahead and what we want ReJean to be going forward. In the midst of all this craziness, the ‘pause’ that has been forced upon us has given many

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Is anything worse than a non-intentional hole in your favourite pair of jeans? Having the crotch essentially explode (especially when those jeans are me-made) is always a heartbreaker. It's for this reason that I fell in love with Rain of Indigo Proof. Based in Portland, Rain is a denim conservationist in the finest sense of […]

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Visible mending has been growing in popularity over the past few years. Who doesn't enjoy being able to repair a garment they love to give it a new life?! A someone who dislikes clothes shopping, I am all for making the clothes I have last as long as possible. Not only does visible mending renew your clothes, it also give them a fresh new look. 1. Condition, Location, and Type of Fabric The condition of the garment, location of the wear, and type of fabric often dictates the type of mend…

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