Deer shoulder recipes

Explore mouthwatering deer shoulder recipes to satisfy your cravings for game meat. Discover new ways to cook and enjoy this flavorful and tender cut of meat.
Learn how to cook venison with these tips to make the best deer meat you've ever tasted to cook your backstrap, tenderloin, roasts, and everything in between. Smoked Deer Loin Recipes, Roast Deer Recipes, Brine For Venison Roast, Marinade For Deer Tenderloin, Slow Cooked Venison, Deer Meat Backstrap Recipes, Venison Football Roast, How To Make Venison Not Gamey, Deer Loins Recipes

How to Cook Venison | Tips for Preparing Deer Meat

Venison is a lean and flavorful meat that can be a delicious addition to any meal. However, many people find it difficult to prepare venison in a way that enhances its natural flavor. With a

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Smoked Venison Shoulder Roast

Say cheese! The oldest is an avid hunter and that would be his biggest hobby. This year, we lucky enough that he dropped off a three pound venison shoulder roast for me to do with what I pleased. Around here in Pennsylvania, the deer are very lean. So, for the most part, people have the meat made into sausage, bologna, and jerky. The meat can be that dry if cooked improperly. The only way I have heard of people cooking a roast is by marinading in cheap red wine and garlic, then slow cooking…

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Venison Shoulder Pot Roast

This one-pan venison pot roast recipe is ideal for those awkward shoulder roasts you don't want to throw away but you also don't feel like indulging in the tedious job of cleaning the roast for burger or jerky. Just make sure you seal the roast up good at processing time before placing them in the freezer, or cook one up right away after the harvest. Cooking time is 4 hours and 15 minutes. It makes the whole cabin smell yummy! Comfort food at its best! As always, the printable recipe link…

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