Deep sea diving helmet

Dive into the depths of the ocean with a deep sea diving helmet. Discover the history, technology, and adventure behind these unique diving gear. Take the plunge and experience the thrill of underwater exploration.
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HISTORIC DIVING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY Co., 1972 U.S. NAVY MK V HELIUM DIVING HELMET Formerly Navy Diver’s – From Seaman to Commander Rarest of the Rare – Matching Numbers Owned for the last 42 years by a Navy Officer, formerly an Enlisted man TOTAL WEIGHT: 105 lbs SERIAL NUMBER: 121 DATE: 3 – 1972

Gilberto Ramos
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Photo about Old antique, depp-sea diving suit a brass helmet. Diving suit. Collections of the Museo do Mar de Galicia, Vigo, Galicia Spain. Image of galicia, diving, museo - 155625482