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Learn how to make better decisions with our effective decision making process. Explore strategies and tips to improve your decision making skills and achieve success in all aspects of life.
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I know what you’re saying “My decisions have nothing to do with the predicament I’m in.” “I didn’t choose to be broke.” “Getting laid off wasn't my choice.” “Having a boss that I can’t stand wasn't my choice.” “I didn’t choose to have all these problems in my life.” The fact of the matter is that al

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Creative Writing Worksheet – Decision Making (PDF) Your characters’ decisions will determine the course of your story. Will they make the right choice or the wrong one? And who can tell the difference? Use this worksheet to test which decisions will weave a better tale. You can find a ZIP of all of the writing worksheets…

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It is estimated that teachers make about 1,500 decisions during the school day. That is a lot of thinking and decision making in a short amount of time! If you are a teacher, you know how we have to think quickly as different situations constantly arise during the school day. If we make that many decisions during one school day, how many decisions do our students have to make? Luckily, we are adults and trained professionals capable of making good choices using effective decision-making…

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