Deaf education

Explore innovative approaches and strategies in deaf education to empower individuals with hearing loss. Discover resources, technologies, and programs that promote inclusive learning and communication for the deaf community.
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We have one classroom in our program that accommodates the deaf students who attend. One of my good friends is the teacher in that class so we get the kids together often for fun activities. I think it's important to try to teach my kids some sign language so they can try to communicate with the others kids when they are together. My friend does "Sign Time" with a few of the classes during the year and last year it was even an elective the kids could sign up for. Today we learned how to…

Karen Dean Covington
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Requesting closed-captioning, understanding how to choose the best seat in the classroom for them, ensuring that their teachers are using the FM appropriately, and the list goes on and on. Teaching children about self-advocacy skills and the rights that they have now means they will be able to advoc

Charlotte Patterson