Date and walnut loaf

Indulge in the rich flavors of date and walnut loaf with these mouth-watering recipes. Discover how to bake a moist and fragrant loaf that's perfect for breakfast or as a sweet treat any time of the day.
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This is another recipe from my Grandma’s handwritten recipe book. It says it is Mrs Black’s recipe and she was my Grandparents next door neighbour.The method and tin size etc was again very sparse so I used my baking experience and the first loaf was delicious but quite a small loaf so I increased the quantities and now I have a nice sized loaf that I am really happy with. It tastes really good and I have now eaten half the first smaller loaf!!!! It’s really easy to make and doesn’t need any…

Robert Lee
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This delicious Date and Walnut Cake is so moist and packed full of flavour, the dates make it taste of toffee and it has crunchy walnuts in every mouthful. Top it off with a cream cheese icing, or enjoy it just as it is. Some might call this recipe old-fashioned, it's definitely the type of

Mary Berry's Date and Walnut Loaf. A fantastic not too sweet offering Berry, British, Lady, Snacks, Desserts, Pudding, Bread And Butter Pudding, Date And Walnut Loaf, British Baking

Did you see the second episode of the Mary Berry Story on BBC2 this week? What an amazing lady, and a bit of a sad episode this week. Loved Mary's cooking through the story though, the Bread and Butter Pudding and that icing she put on the cake this week....truly indulgent. I looked at our cooker window today and thought Mary keeps her a lot cleaner than we do! I also had to tell my husband off I brought some chopped walnuts and he ate them in the week. Another exciting instalment for the…