Dairy free alternatives

Explore a variety of delicious dairy-free alternatives to satisfy your cravings and improve your health. Discover top ideas for incorporating these alternatives into your daily routine and start enjoying a healthier lifestyle.
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I get a lot of questions from those who are genuinely curious, or lactose intolerant about my favorite vegan products. I decided to start a mini- series on my blog where I will rank some of my favorite substitutes for some of the staple 'omnivore' products. I plan on getting into alternative milks, cheeses, "meats",

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There are many reasons why one may need to avoid dairy products such as following a vegan lifestyle, having an intolerance to dairy or even an allergy or perhaps for other health reasons. However, it can be hard to distinguish what does and does not contain milk ingredients when there are so many ready-made and boxed foods […]

Allison Nolan