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What are Mothmen? Click here to read their story: Mothmen are an open species, this means you can make and sell your own -> Character for sale on DeviantArt: AI generated + repainted

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The transformation rules presented in Grim Hollow: The Campaign Guide and Grim Hollow: The Players Guide allow you to add a level of psychological dread and body horror to your campaign as one or more of your player characters transform into something… else. The introduction of these transformat ...

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A challenge to draw 31 were-creatures for the month of October. I had a lot of fun with this one. I really appreciate all of the support and encouragement I'd received through the month, and I also wanted to thank all of the other amazing artists who participated. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy this collection of Weretober Creatures!

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Finally been able to get back to some personal work! Originally this was going to be a land based insectoid type creature, but after some back and forth I decided to change it up so that it can float/swim instead while favoring a fleshy design over a carapace.