Crackle cookies

Indulge in the deliciousness of crackle cookies with these irresistible recipes. From classic chocolate to unique flavor combinations, there's a perfect cookie for every sweet tooth. Try these recipes and satisfy your cravings today!
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This Chocolate Crinkle Cookies recipe (aka Chocolate Crackle Cookies) makes cookies that are thick and chewy like a brownie with rich chocolate flavor, and crispy outside with a powdered sugar crackle top. The best part is, this easy recipe is foolproof!

Jason Monk
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Taking advantage of boxed cake mix as their base, Chocolate Crinkle Cake Mix Cookies are super easy to make. Hardly any measuring, just a few basic ingredients, amazingly quick to mix up -- and an especially fabulous recipe to get kids baking. But believe me, just because they're a great starter recipe for kids doesn't mean the grown-ups won't love the recipe, too! These cake mix cookies are great for anyone who wants to whip up a tasty cookie quickly and easily.

Vanessa Baugh
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These cookies are like a soft, chewy brownie in cookie form. Roll the cookies in powdered sugar so that they reveal a cracked surface.

BayMissi Brown