Cornbread fritters

Discover mouthwatering recipes for cornbread fritters and add a new twist to your culinary repertoire. Try these easy and flavorful fritters that will leave you craving for more.
Easy old-fashioned hoecakes are versatile little yellow miracles of crispy warm deliciousness! Also known as cornmeal pancakes, fried cornbread, or johnnycakes, these make-ahead wonders can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner straight out of the skillet. Fried Cornbread, Cornmeal Pancakes, Cornbread Recipe Sweet, Johnny Cake, Southern Cornbread, Corn Cakes, Fry Bread, Corn Bread Recipe, Breakfast Brunch Recipes

Quick and Easy Hoecakes (Fried Cornbread) ) |

Easy old-fashioned, southern Hoe Cakes or fried cornbread are versatile little yellow miracles of crispy, warm corn cake deliciousness! Hoe cakes are considered a southern quick bread or flatbread and can be served any time of day straight out of the cast-iron skillet.

Holly Brown
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Mom Corn Fritters | Old-Fashioned Corn Fritters Recipe

Easy, old-fashioned corn fritters recipe! Slightly crisp on the outside, but thick like a delicious corn pancake in the middle, dip these corn fritters in applesauce or syrup for an easy summer appetizer.

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