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The MCFD Max is a Max that did not appear in the cartoon, but, was mentioned in Nixel, Nixel, Go Away. Overall, this max resembles Hydro the most. He is a giant overweight red Max that retains most of the elements and abilities from Hydro. He has Hydro's ladder which is reduced to a tail with three red sprayer hoses, supported by a red and yellow bucket. He also has Hydro's wheels on his feet covered by two wheel arches; two extra ones on the top of his hands with red and black palms, and…

Julian Camaño
I Found Rome a City of Bricks: The UCS LEGO Trevi Fountain - BrickNerd - All things LEGO and the LEGO fan community Lego Builds Aesthetic, Cool Lego Houses, Coolest Lego Sets, Lego Room Design, Lego Fountain, Cool Lego Sets, Lego Architecture Building, Big Lego Sets, Lego Structures

How do you collaborate across continents to build the ultimate version of the LEGO Trevi Fountain? Join us as we chat with Italian builder Luca Petraglia about his 50,000-brick masterpiece—all bricks and no marble!

Milton Johnson III