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Explore a variety of mouthwatering curry recipes and learn how to cook curry like a pro. Elevate your culinary skills and create delectable curry dishes that will impress your family and friends.
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Recipe VIDEO above. Make this iconic curry at home!!! It's a stunner - and although there's an extensive looking list of ingredients, it's astonishingly straight forward. Far better than paste in a jar, less oily than restaurants, and you can get everything you need from supermarkets!Spice level: Low. Marinating time: 3 - 24 hours

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Mangalorean chicken ghee roast is a semi-dry chicken curry from Mangalorean cuisine. Also known as Kundapur chicken ghee roast, it is made with succulent pieces of chicken, marinated and cooked in fiery red, tangy, and spicy ghee roast masala. Serve with Neer Dosa, Roti, or Steamed rice.

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