Converting measurements

Discover simple and accurate methods to convert measurements effortlessly. Upgrade your cooking and baking skills with these handy conversion techniques.
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I can't tell you how envious I am of you all that end in May. That's next week! While I am not jealous that you all go back in August, I am super jealous that some of you are in the end of year count down already! We go until the end of June. As in, the very last week of June. Ugh. And next week we are finishing up our State tests. We have the State Math Test on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Joy of all joys! A test on a Friday! #sarcasm For each concept that will be covered on the test…

Anna Pierce
The Common Core standards emphasize converting measurements in the fifth grade guidelines.  Can't say it's something I'm excited to teach, but I'll give it a whirl. 5th Grade Maths, Anchor Charts, Pre K, Ideas, Common Core Maths, 4th Grade Maths, Measurement Anchor Chart, Math Anchor Charts, 5th Grade Math

So I am FINALLY posting these photos that I actually planned on posting a while ago! We have made sooooooo many anchor charts in the past few months and I would LOVE to share them with you!! For each chart, the kids have a corresponding page in their math notebook. We made this one after we observed what happened when converting measurements. We made this "Big G" after completing a few capacity activities! Wall full of charts!! Stay tuned for part 2, which includes multiplication and…

Caroline Jones