Conch stud

Enhance your ear game with trendy conch stud earrings. Explore a wide range of designs and styles to add a fashionable touch to your overall look.
Love the bottom bar! And the bindi-esque side one! Nostril Hoop Ring, Nose Ring, Bindi, Girls Best Friend, Ear Piercings, Body Art, Glamour, Piercing Ideas, Tattoos

Full disclosure: I'm into piercings. I've been seeing the famous Colby Smith at New York Adorned for years—he pierced my septum, and my ears roughly five times. I know this is news to absolutely nobody who reads fashion/beauty blogs, but piercings are IN! Yesterday, Sophia turned me on to the insanely good Montaigne Market Instagram, and whoa, doggie, are there ever some good piercing inspiration pics! Gah! So pretty! Here's some more of Colby's work: For way more piercing and personal…

Scarlet Sheppard